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MintsApp 2.0 is a brilliant Web-App which creates new possibility in engaging audience, converting leads, acquiring customers using polls and customer-driven funnels. This Web-App helps you to engage your audience and find out what products or services they are interested in, to know what the audience is exactly going to buy. With MintsApp 2.0 you can easily engage and collect opinions & leads on your websites in real time.



ReClick converts visitors into subscribers and customers even if they are already leaving your site. Yes, it Instantly collects highly targeted & responsive leads from your super-engaged audience depending on their behavior for maximum results. You can re-capture your already exiting traffic & re-engage your idle visitors using highly targeted campaigns are custom-tailored to specific audiences. ReClick instantly offer discounts and coupon codes to your abandoning prospects and close 3x more sales than your standard sales funnel.

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LifeKeypad is a digital hub and a marketplace where you can explore the world of ebooks & audiobooks. Connect with your friends & your favorite authors. In LifeKeypad you can sell your multi language audiobooks and ebooks to buyers globally, plus there are no fixed costs and you can pay when you sell.



ClipHash is a media, news and entertainment video website where you can get informed on the most important conversations happening today in entertainment, sports, technology, health and more. ClipHash is a groundbreaking video source for trending topics and is also partnering up famous fitness stars and celebs.

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JTStore is an online shopping website where you can find all kinds of products, ranging from clothing to fashion, and home accessories. The JTStore also has a mobile app where the user can easily track their orders and also can earn reward points by sharing the products on social media with friends and family.


Compliance Bar

Compliance Bar is a plugin which displays links to your legal pages in the form of attractive icons that can be positioned anywhere on your page. This plugin creates your legal pages in seconds and the user can customize them to their business and website. Compliance Bar can display pop-ups that force users to accept your terms or disclaimers. It can record the IP addresses of your visitors who have accepted your terms or disclaimers. That’s the reason this plugin is called The Rolls Royce Of Website Compliance Tools.

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